15 Best Boxing Manga Of All Time

Need some boxing manga recommendations?

Mangas related to boxing are quite deeply researched and are shown real-life facts about the sport. They are generally quite motivating and contain action sequences that often feel too real.

Best Boxing Manga

From “Levius”,”Ring Ni Kakero”, to “Burning Blood”, Here are the 15 best boxing manga that will make feel motivated and thrilled at the same time.

So, let’s get started.

Boys On The Run

Boys On The Run
  • Author: Kengo Hanazawa
  • Artist: Kengo Hanazawa

Tanishi is a twenty-six years old employee at a toy company and he’s responsible for stocking the company’s vending machine. He has little to no excitement in his life and an incident causes him to start boxing.

This manga has realistic characters that influence the growth of the story. Boys on the run, isn’t your typical boxing manga as it teaches you to work hard on your goal as there is no other way.


  • Author: Harushisa Nakata
  • Artist: Harushisa Nakata

Levius suffered greatly as a result of the war. His father is no longer alive, and he lost an arm while attempting to protect his unconscious mother.

His arm has now been replaced with an artificial metal and he develops an interest in cyborg boxing.

This Sci-fi boxing manga has a captivating storyline with some of the best action in mangas, definitely recommended for steampunk fans.


  • Author: Shibayama, Kaoru
  • Artist: Shibayama, Kaoru

Heisuke has just arrived in town, and the first thing on his plan is to chase gorgeous girls, which leads to his getting punched. 

The girl who punched him earlier is a boxer and lives next to his house along with her sisters.  He quickly becomes attracted to this girl and boxing.

Rival has interesting storylines as the protagonist’s aim changes from girls to boxing. The art is wonderful and is super enjoyable to read.

Ring Ni Kakero

Ring Ni Kakero
  • Author: Masami Kurumada
  • Artist: Masami Kurumada

Ryuuji Takane is a young boxer, and his coach is his sister, Kiku. Both Ryuuji and his sister inherited their father’s boxing talent and he was a great boxer in the past.

Ryuuji and Kiku left home to train and become renowned in order to support their mother. On their journey, they must battle the world’s toughest boxers.

Ring Ni Kekero may be confusing in beginning but is a deadly slow poison. Despite being an old boxing manga the art is quite good with loveable characters.


  • Author: Taiyou Matsumoto
  • Artist: Taiyou Matsumoto

Goshima has held the world boxing champion title for years without losing a fight, giving him the nickname “Zero. 

When he approaches his 30th birthday approaches, everyone begins to question Goshima’s worth. As a result, he vows to seek out the ultimate opponent to provide him with his final match.

The author of zero didn’t care about rules while writing this manga. If you looking for something different and unique in boxing manga then you should try zero.

Houkago Strongberry

Houkago Strongberry
  • Author: Totsuno, Takahide
  • Artist: Totsuno, Takahide

The manga follows a modern Japanese school teacher who finds herself at a gym where she discovers her hidden boxing talent.

Houkago Strongberry has one of the most unique storylines on this list. Seeing a female protagonist in a boxing manga is quite rare and this manga has memorable characters you will love.

Kento Ankokuden Cestvs

Kento Ankokuden Cestvs
  • Author: Shizuya Wazarai
  • Artist: Shizuya Wazarai

Set in 54 Ad, Cestus a young slave of the lowest class is recruited as a slave boxer. He’s placed in a training school and begins sharpening his skills to defy his fate.

Kendo Shitouden Cestvs is a nostagaslgic boxing manga. If you loved watching gladiator or alexander movies then you sure love this manga. The fight scenes are the best part as the art is fabulous.

Rokudenashi Blues (Unique Boxing Manga)

Rokudenashi Blues
  • Author: Masanori Morita
  • Artist: Masanori Morita

Maeda is a new student at Teiken High School who is somewhat clumsy. He is instantly noticed because he hits a teacher during the entrance ceremony.

Some clubs want to enlist him to use his fighting skills  But Maeda’s only ambition is to become a boxing champion.

Don’t love regular stuff and want a fresh take on boxing manga? then you need to try Rokudenashi Blues. The main character (Maeda) is quite interesting and doesn’t feel boring to read.

Burning Blood (B.B)

Burning Blood
  • Author: Osamu Ishiwata
  • Artist: Osamu Ishiwata

Ryou Takagi gets attacked by a motorcycle gang one night after leaving a club. The fight overflows onto the streets, resulting in a traffic collision.

Later, Ryou gets arrested and since then he has grown into a good boxer since his release, but trouble still finds him.

Buring blood is another old boxing manga recommendation that gives fresh vibes even to this day. The art is really good and the plot almost feels too real.

Black Box

Black Box
  • Author: Tsutomu Takahashi
  • Artist: Tsutomu Takahashi

Ishida Ryouga’s brother and father are arrested for murder and he under of being an accomplice to his brother. He begins his journey by taking the pro boxing test on his father’s order.

If you looking for a short boxing, then you should read black box as the artwork is unique and has a good storyline.


  • Author: Jun Watanabe
  • Artist: Jun Watanabe

Rikitaro is a rock star, while Ooishi is a three-time world boxing champion who recently retired. The record label wants Rikitaro to get in better shape so that he can sell better.

He comes to a boxing gym, which also happens to be where Ooishi is filming his show. As fate begins to work its magic, They begin training the best boxer even greater than Ooishi himself.

RRR is a boxing manga for beginners and is a masterpiece to many fans. The only negative point of this manga is the ending and everything else is quite perfect.


  • Author: Mitsuru Adachi
  • Artist: Mitsuru Adachi

Are you looking for romance boxing manga? then try reading katsu. The art may be down for some but has a flowing relatable storyline.

Satoyama and his closest friend have a crush on the same girl, Mizutani. They both join her father’s gym to get closer to her, but she won’t talk about boxing for some reason.

She decides to train Satoyama to face off against the world after watching his punch but he doesn’t care about the title and if it means more time with Mizutani, he will do anything.


  • Author: Toshimitsu Matsubara
  • Artist: Toshimitsu Matsubara

Riku had a lot of grief and sadness in his early life. After his father’s death, a former boxer taught him how to throw a basic punch, which saved his life against drug dealers. 

Criminals continued to hunt him and decides to train with the same former boxer in a rundown gym.

Rikudou is a mature boxing manga as the story involves a lot of drugs. The story is exciting and will leave fully entertained.

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Ashita No Joe (Evergreen Boxing Manga)

Ashita No Joe
  • Author: Asao Takamori
  • Artist: Tetsuya Chiba

Joe Yabuki is a pure and simple, thief, and Danpei Tange, the failed ex-boxing coach believes in his fighting skills.

Danpei is so confident in Joe’s capacity to be a pro boxer that he gives up drinking and works hard to save money to establish a gym but Joe has other plans.

Ashita No Joe is a wonderful piece of work and DO NOT judge this manga based on age. The manga has a strong storyline and will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Hajime No Ippo (Best Boxing Manga)

Hajime No Ippo
  • Author: George Morikawa
  • Artist: George Morikawa

Ippo Makunouchi is bullied in school and helps his mother in running the store. After meeting Takamura Mamoru, a rising Japanese boxer who reveals his hidden boxing potential and since then he trains rigorously to pursue boxing professionally.

Many say that Hajime No Ippo is overrated but in actuality is criminally underrated. This is a classic boxing manga with likable characters and ages like a fine wine with each chapter.

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