10 Best Anime Like Log Horizon To Watch Right (Now)

Hunting for anime like log horizon?

Log Horizon follows Shiroe, a strategic gamer who gets stuck in Elder Tale, a popular virtual reality game, and forms together a group to survive challenging situations.

The anime is one of the best game-based Isekai to watch and if you looking for more anime recommendations like log horizon then you are right place.

Best Anime Like Log Horizon

From “Grimgar: Ashes And Illusions”, and “The Kings Avatar”, to “Re-Zero”, Here are the 10 best anime like Log Horizon.

So, let’s get started.

10. The Kings Avatar

The Kings Avatar

The king’s avatar has a group of characters/players in a game like Log Horizon but with a different plot and actions.

Ye Xiu is the top-tier player in the multiplayer game “Glory” but due to some circumstances, he is expelled from the team.

He begins to work at an internet cafe and things change as the game launches its tenth server.

He starts to play the game and wants to rise back to the top with his ten years of experience.

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9. Recovery Of An MMO Junkie

Recovery Of An MMO Junkie

If you want something different to watch, then you should try Recovery Of An MMO Junkie as the plot is identical to Log Horizon but the genders are reversed.

Morioka Moriko wants to live in peace but suddenly ends up as a handsome man in a game.

There she meets beautiful and heartwarming, Lily, and they instantly become friends.

However, in the real world, she often bumps into salarymen in a store and doesn’t think much about it but fate has other plans.

8. How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

How Not To Summon A Demon Lord

Looking for fantasy anime like log horizon, then How Not To Summon A Demon Lord is the right fit for you.

His character, demon king Diablo is feared by every challenge as he possesses high-level artifacts and unimaginable powers.

However, due to a slave-binding spell, he gets transported into a new world with the appearance of the demon king.

There he meets an elf and a cat girl who accompany him in adjusting to this world.

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7. The Devil Is A Part Timer

The Devil Is A Part Timer

The Devil Is A Part Timer has similar characters and comedic moments to log horizon with fewer complications while watching.

On the brink of his death, demon king Satan uses his remaining power to transport him to another world with his trusted general.

However, upon their arrival, they realize that the earth doesn’t have any magic and are forced to work in a fast food chain for their survival but the heroes want to hunt him down.

6. Grimgar: Ashes And Illusions

Grimgar: Ashes And Illusions

A bit more dramatic and slow version of Log Horizon that is sure to get you with a sufficient amount of time.

A group of strangers wakes up in a game-like world where they are forced to serve as soldiers and are given abilities to fight.

Together, they explore this fantastical world and they need to survive at any cost.

5. Re: Zero

Re: Zero

Want something to watch similar to log horizon with a darker storyline? then Re-Zero is the one for you.

Natsuki Subaru, an ordinary high schooler gets transported into another world while leaving a convenience store.

Upon his arrival, he’s beaten to a pulp but is saved by a mysterious girl, Stella.

Together, they search for insignia and after locating it they are murdered but Subaru reawakens experiencing the same scenes all over again.

4. Is It Wrong To Pickup Girls In A Dungeon?

Is It Wrong To Pickup Girls In A Dungeon?

Is It Wrong To Pickup Girls In A Dungeon has a different plot and characters but is sure to give the feel of the MMORPG world.

Set in a world where humans and gods live together

Bell Cranel doesn’t care for fame or wealth but wants to find a girl and his dreams come true after meeting the goddess, Hestia.

Together they explore monster-filled where they fight for survival.

3. No Game No Life

No Game No Life

No Game No Life has an intelligent MC similar to the Log Horizon protagonist and both have a habit of focusing on strategies.

Two siblings,  Sora and Shiro are top-level games who love to beat difficult games.

However, one day they receive an invitation and they are transported into a fantasy-filled world.

In that world, people’s lives are decided by games, and the siblings begin their journey to winning this world as well.

2. Overlord


Overlord is based on a virtual reality world where players are stuck in a game similar to Log Horizon and even has politics that grab your attention.

Momonga’s favorite game is scheduled to shut down and he decides to stay in the game.

However, he’s stuck in the online world of Yggdrasil together with other players and begins his journey to explore the world.

1. Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online

Sword Art Online (SAO) and Log Horizon are considered twins in the anime community as both have similar premises and storylines.

Nerve Gear, is a helmet that lets gamers drive into the world of Sword Art Online and many gamers have high expectations for this game.

Kirito was a beta tester of this game and joins the other 10,000 players as the game goes online.

However, they soon discover that players aren’t able to log out and death in the online world is equal to real death.

The only way to beat the game is to beat level 100 of the tower and players need to find a way to beat the game.

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