13 Best Anime Like Blue Period To Watch (2023)

Seeking anime like Blue Period?

Blue period follows Yatara, an ideal student with good grades and popularity. But a chance encounter with art ignites the passion within him in, and as drives deeper, he discovers the merciless nature of art.

Best Anime Like Blue Period

From “Chihayafuru”, and “Bakuman”, to “Silver Spoon”, Here are the 13 best anime like blue period.

So, let’s get started.

13. My Roommate Is A Cat

My Roommate Is A Cat

Mikazuki Subaru, a bashful novelist stumbling in human connections, and a resilient street cat, abandoned and battered by life’s cruelties.

Destiny intertwines their paths, forcing them to share a home.

In this enchanting narrative, witness the ordinary turned extraordinary as they navigate the intricacies of daily existence.

Seemingly trivial moments gain profound significance as man and cat forge an unbreakable bond, transforming into a family bound by love and discovering true joy in their intertwined journey of companionship.

12. Horimiya


In the realm of duality, Kyouko, and Izumi reign supreme.

Kyouko, a revered social butterfly, dons the cape of responsibility, singlehandedly caring for her sibling in her parents’ absence.

Meanwhile, the enigmatic Izumi conceals a tapestry of piercings and tattoos beneath his scholarly facade.

Serendipity unites them when their clandestine worlds collide, forging an unbreakable bond.

Together, they embark on an enthralling journey, defying oblivious classmates and amorous rivals.

11. Chihayafuru


In a realm where beauty defies convention, Chihaya Ayase graces her school with her radiant presence.

Yet, beneath her allure lies an unconventional soul.

Years ago, a chance encounter with the game of Karuta connected Chihaya, Taichi, and the lonely Arata Wataya.

Bound by a shared dream, they embarked on separate paths, vowing to reunite at the national championships.

Now, Chihaya yearns to ignite others’ passion for Karuta, forming a competitive club.

But as she reunites with Taichi, it becomes clear that her unwavering dedication may be the sole flame burning to fulfill their childhood promise.

10. Fruits Basket

Fruits Basket

In the realm of misfortune, Tohru Honda bears her burdens with unwavering compassion.

Left homeless after her mother’s passing, she seeks refuge in the wilderness.

A glimmer of hope appears when the charismatic Yuki Sohma and his family extend an unexpected invitation to live with them.

But within their enchanting facade lies a haunting secret a curse that transforms them into the animals of the Chinese zodiac upon contact with the opposite sex.

Now, Tohru holds the key to their salvation.

9. Senryu Girl

Senryu Girl

In a world of ordinary high schoolers, Yukishiro Nanako stands out as a delightful enigma.

Behind her seemingly normal façade lies a captivating eccentricity she communicates solely through written senryu poetry, artfully crafting thoughts in 5-7-5 syllabic harmony.

While this may be seen as an inconvenience to some, for Nanako and her ex-delinquent confidant, Busujima Eiji, it transforms their high school journey into a whimsical adventure.

Together, they reign over the Literature Club, where words become strokes of poetic brilliance.

8. Kono Oto Tomare: Sounds Of Life

Kono Oto Tomare: Sounds Of Life

The Koto club teeters on the edge of oblivion, desperate for new recruits.

A delinquent and a prodigious player, an unlikely duo seeking solace in the embrace of the traditional Japanese instrument.

Yet, finding harmony amidst their differences proves to be an uphill battle, especially with looming ensemble competitions threatening to shatter their fragile unity.

With time as their ally and their fingers dancing across the strings with remarkable finesse, this unconventional crew dares to strike a chord that resonates with the unforgiving judges.

7. Bakuman


Lost in the shadows of a life devoid of dreams, Moritaka Mashiro trudges through the monotony of existence.

Fate intervenes when his forgotten notebook brings him face-to-face with Takagi, the class genius.

In an unexpected twist, Takagi offers the notebook’s return under one condition: that Mashiro joins him in the pursuit of becoming a manga artist.

Intrigued, Mashiro reconsiders when he learns that his crush, Azuki, aspires to be a voice actress.

Proposing a pact where success intertwines their destinies, Mashiro and Takagi set forth on a daring journey to carve their names in the manga world, driven by the audacious promise of love, dreams, and a shared vision of triumph.

6. Welcome To The Ballroom

Welcome To The Ballroom

Tatara Fujita, a lackluster high school student, yearns for mastery in anything.

Plagued by mediocrity, he becomes a target for bullies extorting money.

But fate intervenes when the suave Kaname Sengoku comes to his rescue.

Yet, Sengoku is no ordinary hero; he’s a captivating ballroom dancer.

Suddenly, Tatara’s mundane existence takes an electrifying turn as he is thrust into the mesmerizing realm of ballroom dancing.

5. Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon

When Yuugo Hachiken stepped foot into Ezonoo, an agricultural high school, he had no clue what he was in for.

His classmates thrived in the chaos of barnyard chores, relishing the chance to acquire practical skills for their future careers.

But for Yuugo, it was a bewildering rollercoaster of shocking revelations.

Wrangling unruly cows, uncovering the bizarre secrets of chicken eggs, and even braving the wild ride of horseback riding—each day brought new challenges.

Amidst the chaos, he discovered true camaraderie with the captivating Aki and formed unbreakable bonds.

4. Smile Down The Runway

Smile Down The Runway

In a world of measured heights and shattered aspirations, Chiyuki Fujito refuses to surrender her Paris Collection model dream, despite being labeled too short at a mere 158cm.

Amidst a chorus of naysayers, her determination remains unyielding.

Enter Ikuto Tsumura, a fellow dreamer grappling with his own pursuit of becoming a fashion designer.

When Chiyuki inadvertently questions the feasibility of Ikuto’s aspirations, uncertainty clouds his path.

But as their stories intertwine, a symphony of unwavering passion emerges.

Against all odds, they embark on a relentless journey, defying the cynics and reaching for the stars.

3. Arte


In the vibrant tapestry of 16th-century Florence, Italy, a girl’s indomitable spirit ignites an artistic revolution.

Amidst the Renaissance’s resplendent glory, she dares to dream of becoming an artist.

But within the confines of her noble birth, the odds appear insurmountable.

In a world where art is an exclusively male domain and prejudice looms large, Arte steps forward, a beacon of resilience.

With unwavering determination and an unwavering smile, she carves her path, challenging conventions, and defying expectations.

In the face of adversity, Arte’s brush strokes a legacy of empowerment, unraveling the very fabric of gender boundaries, and painting a tale of triumph against all odds.

2. March Comes In Like A Lion

March Comes In Like A Lion

In the heart of Tokyo’s relentless whirl, Rei Kiriyama battles his inner demons.

Haunted by anxiety, depression, and a haunting sense of isolation, he treads a solitary path as a 17-year-old shogi prodigy.

Estranged by tragedy from his relatives and shunned by his adoptive family, Rei seeks solace in a secluded apartment.

But destiny intervenes, intertwining his fate with the extraordinary Kawamoto family.

Three resilient sisters and their wise grandfather, custodians of a traditional Japanese pastry shop, radiate warmth through their own scars.

Amidst shattered souls, their tender embrace mends Rei’s fractured spirit, awakening him to the healing power of love and the transformative strength of a chosen family.

1. Baby Steps

Baby Steps

Ei Chan stands tall as a diligent scholar, chasing the elusive straight as.

But beneath his punctual exterior lies a dormant ember craving more.

Drawn to a tennis school, he stumbles upon Natsu, a radiant force fueled solely by her unwavering love for the sport.

In this fateful encounter, Ei-chan’s slumbering passion awakens, ignited by Natsu’s unwavering spirit.

Together, they forge a bond that transcends the confines of a court, fueling a blaze of determination and transforming their lives.

In the world of relentless volleys and unwritten dreams, they discover a shared truth: the power of passion to ignite the fire within.

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