15 Best Anime Like Blue Lock To Watch (2023)

Loved watching blue lock and are looking for anime like blue lock to pass your time?

If you’re a fan of sports anime and have just finished watching Blue Lock, you’re probably wondering what other anime series you can watch that are similar to it.

Blue Lock follows the story of a group of young soccer players who are competing against each other to earn a spot on the Japanese national team.

The anime is highly focused on training and skill improvement, making it a unique and intense sports anime.

In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the best anime like Blue Lock that you should check out.

Best Anime Like Blue Lock

From “Hajime No Ippo”, and “Shoot! Goal To The Future”, to ” Inazuma Eleven”, Here are the 15 best anime like blue lock.

So, let’s get started.

15. The Knight in the Area

The Knight in the Area

Kakeru Aizawa, plagued by self-doubt, relinquishes his soccer dreams to become his school team’s manager.

Meanwhile, his brother, Suguru, shines as the team’s star player, destined to represent Japan in the championships.

But hidden within Kakeru lies a dormant talent, unbeknownst to all but Suguru.

Their fiery clashes ensue as Kakeru stubbornly denies his own abilities. And just when emotions run high, Nana, an old friend, resurfaces, reigniting Kakeru’s heart.

Amidst friendship, love, and rivalry, a captivating tale unfolds, revealing the extraordinary potential waiting to be unleashed within Kakeru.

14. Yowamushi Pedal

Yowamushi Pedal

Sakamichi, an unapologetic otaku, embarks on epic 90-kilometer quests to Akihabara, fueled by his insatiable love for anime and manga.

The high school promises like-minded comrades, but the anime club’s demise leaves him adrift.

Enter Shunsuke, a perceptive classmate who recognizes Sakamichi’s extraordinary speed on his “mom cycle.”

As they collide, Sakamichi faces a monumental choice: stick with the dwindling anime dreams or surrender to the seductive thrill of the Competitive Cycling Club, where adrenaline-pumping races and untold adventures beckon.

13. One Out

One Out

Kojima, the baseball luminary, basks in accolades as the Lycaons’ unstoppable powerhouse.

But a crucial title eludes him: champion.

Desperate for that elusive spark, he establishes a training camp in Okinawa.

Fate intervenes when he crosses paths with the formidable Toua Tokuchi, a master of high-stakes games.

A devastating loss follows, leaving Kojima destitute. Determined to turn the tide, Kojima challenges Toua and emerges victorious.

An audacious pact is struck: Toua joins the struggling Lycaons, demanding a jaw-dropping deal.

With his rebellious spirit and unparalleled talent, Toua ignites a dramatic journey to resurrect the Lycaons from the depths of obscurity to the realm of winners.

12. Hajime No Ippo

Hajime No Ippo

Ippo Makunouchi, a downtrodden outcast, endures a lonely existence filled with relentless torment and unyielding responsibilities.

Until one fateful encounter alters his path forever.

Rescued from the clutches of bullies by Takamura, a rising boxing star, Ippo’s world undergoes a seismic shift.

Fueled by newfound passion, he plunges into the tumultuous realm of sweet science, seeking redemption.

But the road to glory is treacherous, demanding unyielding determination.

Battling formidable adversaries and embracing the true essence of dedication, Ippo embarks on a transformative journey, where dreams of championship greatness shimmer on the horizon, awaiting his indomitable spirit.

11. Ping Pong The Animation

Ping Pong The Animation

In the realm of table tennis, a quiet storm brews—Makoto Tsukimoto, known as Smile, and his childhood friend Yukata Hoshino, aptly nicknamed Peco.

Together, they grace the local club with their unrivaled talent, but Smile’s reserved nature hinders his victories against the exuberant Peco.

The perceptive club teacher recognizes Smile’s hidden potential and strives to ignite his competitive fire.

Brace for a captivating journey where timid souls must learn to unleash their inner tenacity, unlocking a realm of sportsmanship and self-discovery.

10. Days


In high school soccer, where talents shine and stars collide, a tale unfolds.

Meet Tsukushi Tsukamoto, an ordinary boy with an extraordinary passion concealed within his unremarkable facade.

Alongside him stands Jin Kazama, a solitary genius on the field.

Bound by fate, their worlds intertwine, igniting a hurricane of change.

Against all odds, these two opposites converge, defying conventions and embracing their shared destiny.

As the curtain ascends on this thrilling, heartwarming saga, prepare for a riveting journey through the realm of passion, friendship, and the beautiful game.

9. Shoot! Goal To The Future

Shoot! Goal To The Future

Atsushi Kamiya, once a revered captain at Kakegawa High School and the illustrious “courageous captain” of an Italian soccer powerhouse, carries a legacy that reverberates across the world.

Meanwhile, Hideto Tsuji, a seemingly apathetic student, shows no interest in his school’s feeble soccer team.

However, when these two extraordinary individuals collide, a new era of greatness dawns.

Their fateful encounter becomes the spark that ignites an awe-inspiring legend, one that will redefine the boundaries of passion and teamwork.

8. Kuroko No Basket

Kuroko No Basket

In the world of basketball, a legendary era unfolded: the ‘Generation of Miracles,’ a formidable quintet who dominated Teiko Middle School’s court with unrivaled prowess.

Yet, whispered among the shadows, a hidden tale emerged, a phantom player, the enigmatic sixth member, revered by the prodigies themselves.

Tetsuya Kuroko, a Seirin High freshman, and the team’s newest addition.

With his unconventional abilities, Kuroko joins forces with formidable teammate Taiga Kagami.

Together, they embark on a gripping journey, clashing with old adversaries and pursuing championship glory.

7. Clean Freak! Aoyama-Kun

Clean Freak! Aoyama-Kun

On the blazing soccer field, a rising star shines bright, Aoyama Kun, a scorching young prodigy, commanding the midfield for the National U-16 Soccer Team.

However, beneath his awe-inspiring skills lies a captivating twist: he’s an extraordinary germaphobe!

As the battle between his passion for the game and his fear of germs rages on, Aoyama-kun takes center stage, captivating audiences with his contagious talent and his infectious quirks.

6. Ace No Diamond

Ace No Diamond

Yearning for that exhilarating connection, 15-year-old Eijun Sawamura’s destiny intertwines with catcher Kazuya Miyuki.

Fuelled by their encounter, he bids farewell to friends, stepping boldly into the hallowed grounds of Seidou, a bastion of baseball brilliance.

Within those sacred walls, he encounters a brotherhood of fierce competitors, ready to wager their very souls on the diamond’s sacred turf.

In this timeless yet vibrant tale, witness the birth of a legend as Eijun Sawamura unearths newfound strength, forges unbreakable bonds, and embarks on an extraordinary journey that will redefine the essence of baseball itself.

5. Slam Dunk

Slam Dunk

Sakuragi, drowning in heartache, endures a relentless streak of rejections from fifty girls in junior high.

Scarred by love’s bitter taste, he channels his frustration into a vendetta against basketball.

But fate intervenes when he encounters Haruko, an enchanting basketball devotee.

Driven to capture her heart, Sakuragi joins the school team, determined to win her affection.

However, an arduous journey awaits a protective brother, a rival’s allure, and the battle against his own explosive temper.

4. Haikyuu


Shoyo Hinata, a pint-sized dynamo, nurtures colossal dreams of becoming a volleyball sensation.

Inspired by a small player’s triumph in the National Championship, he craves to follow in those formidable footsteps.

Yet, junior high saw his dreams crushed by the skillful Tobio Kageyama’s team.

Now, at their idol’s alma mater, Shoyo seizes the opportunity to join a renowned team.

But fate deals a wild card: Tobio Kageyama, already hailed as a prodigious talent, enrolls as well.

3. Captain Tsubasa

Captain Tsubasa

In the heart of Tsubasa Ozora beats an unyielding dream to ascend as a soccer legend.

Battling fierce rivals and weathering grueling championships, he embarks on an odyssey of self-discovery.

With unyielding determination, Tsubasa embraces the crucible of challenges, honing his skills and confronting his deepest fears.

The stage is set for an epic journey where triumph hangs in the balance.

Tsubasa needs to rise above the rest, unlocking his true potential and propelling his team to the pinnacle of glory.

2. Inazuma Eleven

Inazuma Eleven

At Raimon Middle School, Mamoru Endou, a spirited leader, fuels the soccer club’s flickering flame.

Armed with his grandfather’s training secrets, he aspires to transform a weak, dispirited team into champions.

Just when hope seems distant, a wave of new recruits surges in, including the renowned Shuuya Gouenji.

As the tides turn, the team braces for epic battles, mastering awe-inspiring special moves and clashing with formidable rivals.

With the Soccer Frontier tournament beckoning, Mamoru and his comrades kick and block their way toward an exhilarating victory.

1. Ao Ashi

Ao Ashi

In the quiet corners of Japan, a budding star named Ashito Aoi dreams of a soccer career.

However, a fateful mishap during a crucial match shatters his dreams of entering a renowned high school soccer club.

Yet, fate weaves an unexpected tapestry when a prominent figure from Tokyo takes notice of Ashito’s raw talent.

With this unforeseen twist, Ashito’s destiny hangs in the balance.

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