12 Best Anime Like Alice in Borderland

When it comes to anime that keeps us on the edge of our seats, Alice in Borderland stands tall as a captivating masterpiece.

Its blend of action, supernatural elements, suspense, and survival instinctively draws viewers into its twisted reality.

But what happens when you’ve binged through all the episodes and are left yearning for more of that adrenaline-pumping experience?

best anime like alice in borderland

From “Death Parade”, and “Future Diary”, to “Death Note”, Here are the 12 best anime like Alice in Borderland (Imawa no Kuni no Alice).

So, let’s get started.

1. Death Parade

Death Parade throws us into a chilling afterlife realm where the deceased must participate in games that reveal their true natures. As arbiters judge their fates, the stakes are high, and the psychological suspense keeps you glued to the screen.

Much like Alice in Borderland’s Death Games, Death Parade explores the depths of human nature under extreme pressure. Both shows delve into the psyche of characters as they grapple with life-and-death situations, unraveling layers of mystery and emotions.

2. Btooom!

Btooom! catapults us into a deadly real-life game inspired by a video game. Stranded on a deserted island, participants must use bombs and strategy to survive while forming alliances and battling enemies.

The survival element and strategic gameplay in Btooom! resonate with Alice in Borderland’s high-stakes challenges. The characters’ struggle for survival and the unexpected alliances they form mirror the intense dynamics of Alice in Borderland.

3. Gantz

Gantz follows the lives of people who are resurrected after death to engage in battles against alien threats. With each mission becoming deadlier, the characters must adapt quickly to their new lives.

Both Gantz and Alice in Borderland introduce characters to life-threatening scenarios. The suspenseful atmosphere, the unpredictable challenges, and the supernatural elements make Gantz a parallel experience to Alice in Borderland.

4. Future Diary

Future Diary thrusts us into a survival game where participants wield diaries predicting the future. As they fight for a coveted position, alliances form and betrayals run rampant.

The intense competition and strategic alliances in Future Diary are reminiscent of Alice in Borderland’s plot. The suspenseful guessing game of who to trust adds an extra layer of excitement to both series.

5. Kaji

Kaji centers on a group of students who receive mysterious messages challenging them to complete tasks. These tasks escalate in danger, pushing the characters to their limits.

Kaji’s concept of challenges and escalating danger aligns with the essence of Alice in Borderland’s deadly games. The characters’ emotional journeys and evolving relationships keep the viewers engaged.

6. Tomodachi Game

Tomodachi Game explores the darker side of friendship when a group of classmates is coerced into playing a manipulative game that exploits their bonds.

The theme of trust and manipulation in Tomodachi Game resonates with the mind games and survival tactics of Alice in Borderland. Both shows thrive on the unpredictable nature of human behavior under pressure.

7. Darwin’s Game

Darwin’s Game follows a high school student who unwittingly enters a dangerous mobile game where players must fight for survival against various adversaries.

The central theme of survival against all odds in Darwin’s Game aligns with the core of Alice in Borderland. The blend of supernatural elements and action-packed sequences keeps the tension high in both series.

8. Death Note

Death Note chronicles the chilling tale of a high school student who gains the power to kill anyone by writing their name in a supernatural notebook.

While the premise of Death Note is different, the intense cat-and-mouse mind games between characters evoke the same suspense and psychological tension found in Alice in Borderland.

9. Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland presents a world where prisoners with special powers are forced to participate in brutal death matches for the entertainment of the public.

Both Deadman Wonderland and Alice in Borderland delve into the dark realms of life-threatening games. The balance between survival, supernatural powers, and high-stakes action connects the two series.

10. Death Billiards

Death Billiards unveils a thought-provoking narrative set in a bar where two strangers engage in a high-stakes game with their lives on the line.

The concept of games determining fates in Death Billiards is akin to Alice in Borderland’s life-or-death challenges. The exploration of human psychology and morality under pressure is a common theme in both shows.

11. High-Rise Invasion

High-Rise Invasion plunges us into a world where people are trapped on rooftops, forced to navigate dangerous situations while being hunted by mask-wearing assailants.

The suspenseful rooftop survival scenario and the sense of constant danger in High-Rise Invasion are reminiscent of Alice in Borderland’s challenges. Both series keep viewers engaged with their fast-paced action and strategic thinking.

12. Bus Gamer

Bus Gamer follows a group of three men who are dragged into an underground gambling ring where they must compete in dangerous games on public buses.

The underground gambling theme and high-stakes challenges in Bus Gamer parallel the dangerous games and intense scenarios of Alice in Borderland. Both shows explore the limits of human determination and adaptability.

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