10 Best Anime Like Aldnoah.Zero

Are you a fan of the intense action, thrilling sci-fi, and captivating mecha battles that Aldnoah. Zero has to offer?

If you’ve been searching for similar anime to dive into, look no further.

We’ve compiled a list of the best anime that share similarities with Aldnoah.Zero, ensuring you’re in for an adrenaline-pumping and immersive experience.

Best Anime Like Aldnoah.Zero

From “Seraph Of The End”, and “Valvrave the Liberator”, to “Guilty Crown”, Here are the 10 best anime like Aldnoah.Zero.

So, let’s get started.

1. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Code Geass introduces you to a world of rebellion, strategy, and moral dilemmas. The story revolves around Lelouch Lamperouge, a young man who gains the power of the Geass, which allows him to control people’s actions. This anime delivers a roller-coaster of emotions as Lelouch uses his newfound power to challenge the Britannian Empire’s oppressive rule and seeks justice for his sister.

Just like Aldnoah.Zero, Code Geass is filled with complex characters, intense battles, and political intrigue. Both series explore the consequences of power and the sacrifices made for a greater cause, making them a must-watch for fans of Aldnoah.Zero’s gripping storyline.

2. Seraph Of The End

In a world devastated by a mysterious virus, Seraph Of The End follows Yuuichirou Hyakuya, who escapes captivity and joins a group of humans fighting against vampires. With action-packed sequences and a focus on survival, this anime keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Both Aldnoah.Zero and Seraph Of The End share the theme of humanity’s struggle against a superior force. The action-driven plots and characters’ determination to protect what’s important make these two anime resonate with each other.

3. Attack On The Titan

Step into a world overrun by colossal humanoid creatures known as Titans. Attack On The Titan showcases humanity’s fight for survival within the walls that protect them from these monstrous beings. Eren Yeager and his friends join the military to reclaim their world from the Titans’ terror.

Both anime series have a sense of urgency and high-stakes battles. The protagonists’ journey against overwhelming odds and their determination to uncover the truth behind their worlds draw parallels between Attack On The Titan and Aldnoah.Zero.

4. 86

In a future where the Republic of San Magnolia battles autonomous drones controlled by the Legion, a group of young soldiers forms the Spearhead Squadron. They fight on the frontlines with an unbreakable bond, confronting the harsh reality of war.

The military-focused narratives, the camaraderie among soldiers, and the exploration of the cost of war make 86 a compelling choice for fans of Aldnoah.Zero’s themes.

5. Valvrave the Liberator

Prepare for a tale of intrigue, supernatural abilities, and mecha warfare in Valvrave the Liberator. As students pilot advanced mechas to protect their space colony, secrets and conspiracies unfold, creating a thrilling narrative.

Both Valvrave the Liberator and Aldnoah.Zero delves into the impact of advanced technology on society and the characters’ lives. The intense battles and character-driven drama are sure to captivate viewers.

6. Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet transports you to a future where humanity lives on floating cities and battles against hostile alien creatures. After a soldier named Ledo crashes on Earth and meets the people of Gargantia, his perspective on life and war changes.

Both anime explore the clash of different cultures and the adjustment of characters to unfamiliar environments. The growth and introspection of the protagonists add depth to the narrative, aligning with Aldnoah. Zero’s character-driven approach.

7. Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown combines supernatural powers, political intrigue, and personal growth. Shu Ouma gains the Power of King, which allows him to extract weapons from people’s hearts. As he becomes involved in a resistance group, he must navigate the complexities of power and responsibility.

Guilty Crown and Aldnoah.Zero shares themes of power dynamics, political struggles, and the moral implications of wielding authority. The protagonists’ evolution and the challenges they face make these anime resonate with each other.

8. Fate/Zero

Enter the world of mages and heroic spirits in Fate/Zero. This anime explores a battle royale known as the Holy Grail War, where magicians summon heroic spirits from history to fight on their behalf. With intricate character interactions and intense battles, Fate/Zero offers a captivating experience.

Fate/Zero and Aldnoah.Zero both features strategic battles and characters from different backgrounds brought together by extraordinary circumstances. The exploration of the impact of power and the clashes between ideologies create engaging narratives in both series.

9. Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED follows Kira Yamato, who becomes a pilot of a powerful mobile suit in the midst of a war between the genetically enhanced Coordinators and normal humans. The anime delves into the complexities of war and the relationships between the characters.

Both anime series revolve around conflicts involving advanced technology and the ethical dilemmas that arise. The personal struggles of the characters and their growth throughout the series make Mobile Suit Gundam SEED a compelling choice for Aldnoah.Zero fans.

10. Last Exile

Set in a steampunk-inspired world, Last Exile follows Claus and Lavie as they navigate the skies as vanship pilots. When they take on a mission with far-reaching consequences, they find themselves embroiled in a conflict that could shape the future.

Last Exile and Aldnoah.Zero shares the themes of war, adventure, and the impact of technology on society. The exploration of moral choices and the characters’ quests for justice tie these two anime together.

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