6 Best Anime Like Aikatsu

In the vibrant universe of anime, few genres capture the essence of dreams, friendship, and music as splendidly as the idol and music-themed series.

If you’re a dedicated fan of Aikatsu! and its enchanting journey of young idols, then prepare to be dazzled further.

We’ve curated a handpicked selection of anime that mirrors the spirit of Aikatsu! while weaving their own captivating tales.

Best Anime Like Aikatsu

From “PriPara”, and “AKB0048”, to “Uta no Prince Sama”, Here are the 6 best anime like Aikatsu.

So, let’s get started.

1. PriPara

PriPara invites you into the dazzling realm of idols, where dressing up and performing on stage are taken to a whole new level. Laala Manaka, our vivacious protagonist, finds herself drawn into the world of PriPara, an entertainment paradise where she can become the idol of her dreams. With vibrant performances and dynamic friendships, PriPara celebrates the power of believing in oneself.

Just like Aikatsu!, PriPara revolves around the dreams and aspirations of young idols. Both series showcase the journey of characters striving to shine brightly on stage and the close bonds they form with their friends. The enchanting world of music, fashion, and performances is a central theme in both anime, ensuring a delightful experience for fans seeking the magic of Aikatsu!.

2. Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream

Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream follows the tale of Aira Harune, a girl with a passion for ice skating who stumbles upon Prism Shows, a mesmerizing blend of ice skating and singing. As Aira chases her dreams and forms precious connections, the series unfolds with glimmering performances and heartfelt moments.

Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream mirrors Aikatsu!’s emphasis on performance, ambition, and personal growth. Both anime celebrate the journey of young girls as they strive to become idols and find their own unique paths. With dazzling stage shows and endearing character dynamics, Pretty Rhythm captures the essence of Aikatsu!’s uplifting and inspiring atmosphere.

3. Love Live! School Idol Project

Love Live! School Idol Project centers around Honoka Kosaka, who sets out to save her school from closure by forming a school idol group. With catchy tunes, touching friendships, and unforgettable performances, Love Live! is a testament to the power of unity and determination.

Love Live! resonates with Aikatsu!’s theme of camaraderie and the pursuit of dreams through music and performance. Both anime showcase the journey of characters working together to achieve a common goal while discovering their own strengths. The exhilarating blend of music and friendship in Love Live! captures the essence of Aikatsu!’s heartwarming narrative.

4. AKB0048

AKB0048 ventures into a futuristic world where entertainment is restricted, and a group of young girls becomes guerrilla idols to bring hope to the masses. With interstellar performances and a touch of rebellion, the series explores themes of passion, resilience, and the pursuit of happiness.

AKB0048 shares Aikatsu!’s spirit of pursuing dreams against all odds. Both anime emphasizes the transformative power of music and performance in inspiring change and spreading positivity. AKB0048’s blend of idol culture and sci-fi elements offers a unique twist while resonating with the themes that make Aikatsu! so endearing.

5. Spellbound! Magical Princess Lilpri

Spellbound! Magical Princess Lilpri introduces us to three ordinary girls who discover their ability to turn fairy tales into reality through song and dance. With magical transformations and whimsical performances, the series is a delightful fusion of fantasy and music.

Spellbound! Magical Princess Lilpri captures the enchanting aura of Aikatsu!’s performances and the magical journey of young girls discovering their potential. Both anime celebrates the power of imagination and creativity, showcasing how music can bring dreams to life. The charming blend of fantasy and music in Spellbound! adds a fresh dimension to the themes that resonate with Aikatsu! enthusiasts.

6. Uta no Prince Sama

Uta no Prince Sama follows Haruka Nanami as she embarks on her journey at Saotome Academy, aiming to become a professional composer. Surrounded by a group of talented and charismatic male idols, Haruka navigates challenges and forms close bonds in pursuit of her musical aspirations.

Uta no Prince Sama shares Aikatsu!’s focus on musical aspirations and the bonds formed through shared passion. Both anime highlight the journey of characters striving to achieve greatness in the world of entertainment. Uta no Prince Sama’s engaging character dynamics and musical performances offer a harmonious resonance with the themes that make Aikatsu! a beloved series.

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