15 Best Anime Like Aggretsuko

Anime has an incredible knack for capturing the essence of everyday life and turning it into a colorful spectacle filled with unique characters and relatable situations.

If you’re a fan of Aggretsuko and its comedic take on workplace struggles, you’re in for a treat!

We’ve compiled a list of the best anime that share similarities with Aggretsuko, from quirky characters to hilarious workplace scenarios.

Best Anime Like Aggretsuko

From “Beastars”, and “Take My Brother Away”, to “Odd Taxi”, Here are the 15 best anime like Aggretsuko (Aggressive Retsuko).

So, let’s get started.

1. Beastars

In a world where carnivores and herbivores coexist, the drama unfolds at Cherryton Academy. The story revolves around a gray wolf named Legoshi, who must navigate his complex feelings for a white dwarf rabbit named Haru while dealing with the societal pressures that come with their contrasting roles in the animal kingdom.

Just like Aggretsuko, Beastars delves into the challenges of societal norms and expectations. Both series explore characters’ inner struggles, providing a fresh perspective on personal growth and the complexities of relationships. The use of anthropomorphic animals allows for metaphorical storytelling that draws parallels to real-life experiences.

2. Detroit Metal City

Krauser II is the embodiment of metal music’s wild and aggressive spirit. But there’s a twist: his alter ego is Negishi, a polite and aspiring musician. The anime hilariously follows Negishi’s attempts to balance his dual life while navigating the absurd world of death metal music.

Much like Aggretsuko’s double life, Detroit Metal City showcases a character torn between their true desires and the expectations placed on them. The comedy in both series arises from the stark contrast between the characters’ public personas and their private aspirations.

3. Wotakoi: Love Is Hard For Otaku

Love and otaku culture intertwine in this heartwarming series. Narumi, a fujoshi (female otaku interested in boys’ love), reunites with her childhood friend Hirotaka, an avid gamer. As they navigate the waters of adult relationships, their quirky friends add their own flavors to the mix.

Wotakoi and Aggretsuko share a lighthearted exploration of relationships and work-life balance. Both series embrace the idea that people’s passions, whether for anime, games, or heavy metal, can bring them together and help them find common ground.

4. The Disastrous Life of Saiki K

Kusuo Saiki, an extraordinary high school student, possesses a wide range of psychic abilities. He tries to maintain a low profile to lead a normal life, but his powers constantly throw him into hilariously chaotic situations.

Both Saiki K. and Aggretsuko feature protagonists dealing with the unexpected twists and turns life throws at them. Their humorous take on everyday challenges makes them stand out, and the characters’ unique abilities or talents add a touch of the extraordinary to their mundane lives.

5. Take My Brother Away

The anime revolves around the quirky relationship between siblings Shi Miao and Shi Fen. The story humorously portrays their daily interactions and the challenges of having a sibling who’s both annoying and endearing.

Take My Brother Away! and Aggretsuko capture the essence of family dynamics and personal relationships. While Aggretsuko focuses on the workplace, Take My Brother Away! brings its comedic touch to the sibling dynamic, resulting in relatable and entertaining scenarios.

6. The Way of the House Husband

Former yakuza member Tatsu trades in his criminal life for the role of a doting house husband. His attempts to master domestic tasks often lead to over-the-top and amusing results.

Both series tackle unexpected career changes and the challenges that come with them. The Way of the House Husband humorously portrays Tatsu’s transition from the criminal underworld to domestic life, drawing laughter from the stark contrast between his past and present roles.

7. Africa Salaryman

This anime follows the lives of three animal office workers—a Lion, a Lizard, and a Toucan—as they navigate the corporate jungle. The series humorously highlights the absurdities of office culture and workplace relationships.

Africa Salaryman and Aggretsuko share a satirical take on office life. Both series lampoon the idiosyncrasies of the workplace, showcasing the hilarious situations that arise when anthropomorphic animals tackle human office dynamics.

8. BNA: Brand New Animal

In a world where humanoid animals exist, Michiru suddenly transforms into a tanuki and finds herself in Anima City, a safe haven for Beastmen. As she uncovers the mysteries surrounding her transformation, she becomes entangled in the city’s intricate politics.

BNA and Aggretsuko both explore themes of identity and belonging. While Aggretsuko focuses on the challenges of corporate life, BNA delves into the complexities of societal integration. Both series offer a fresh perspective on personal growth and the struggle to find one’s place in the world.

9. Odd Taxi

Odokawa, a grumpy taxi driver, becomes an unwitting participant in a series of interconnected mysteries involving his passengers. As he navigates through these bizarre encounters, the secrets of his own past begin to surface.

Both Odd Taxi and Aggretsuko dive into the hidden lives of seemingly ordinary individuals. The mysteries that surround the characters’ lives create a captivating narrative, and the unexpected connections between seemingly unrelated events add depth to the storytelling.

10. Skull Face Bookseller Honda San

A skeleton named Honda works as a bookseller.. The series humorously portrays his interactions with various types of customers, fellow bookstore employees, and the challenges of running a bookstore in the digital age.

Just like Aggretsuko’s portrayal of office life, Skull-Face Bookseller Honda-San shines a light on the quirks and challenges of a specific workplace—in this case, a bookstore. Both series capture the essence of work-related humor while offering unique insights into different professional worlds.

11. My Senpai is Annoying

Igarashi is an introverted office worker who has a crush on her loud and outgoing senpai, Harumi Takeda. The series follows their daily interactions, from workplace banter to Igarashi’s attempts to get closer to Takeda.

My Senpai is Annoying and Aggretsuko both tap into the dynamics of office relationships, albeit from different angles. While Aggretsuko focuses on Retsuko’s personal struggles, My Senpai is Annoying offers a lighthearted exploration of office romance and the challenges of expressing one’s feelings.

12. Sanrio Boys

Kouta Hasegawa and his friends share a deep love for Sanrio characters. Despite societal expectations, they proudly embrace their passion and strive to break down stereotypes surrounding their interests.

Sanrio Boys and Aggretsuko both tackle the theme of societal expectations versus personal passions. Whether it’s Retsuko finding her own voice through music or the Sanrio Boys embracing their love for cute characters, both series celebrates the courage to be true to oneself.

13. Life Lessons with Uramichi Oniisan

Uramichi Omota is a gymnast turned TV show host who navigates the challenges of entertaining and educating children while dealing with his own jaded outlook on life. The series humorously contrasts his public persona with his inner thoughts.

Both Uramichi-Oniisan and Aggretsuko explore the concept of maintaining a public facade despite personal struggles. While Aggretsuko battles office stress, Uramichi-Oniisan hilariously showcases the challenges of presenting a cheerful front on the screen.

14. Shirobako

Shirobako follows five friends who aspire to work in the anime industry. The series offers an inside look at the challenges of producing an anime, from scriptwriting to animation.

Shirobako and Aggretsuko both provide an insider’s perspective into specific industries—anime production and office life, respectively. Both series highlight the highs and lows of pursuing a career while navigating the complexities of the workplace.

15. Nichijou: My Ordinary Life

The series revolves around the daily lives of three high school friends—Yuuko, Mio, and Mai—as they experience absurd and hilarious situations that often defy the laws of physics and logic.

Like Aggretsuko’s portrayal of the everyday struggles of office life, Nichijou showcases the comically exaggerated trials and tribulations of high school. Both series find humor in the mundane and add a surreal twist to ordinary situations.

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