12 Best Anime Like A Place Further Than The Universe (2023)

Looking for anime like a place further than the universe?

Sometimes, the allure of the unknown beckons us to venture beyond our comfort zones and embrace life-changing adventures.

“A Place Further Than the Universe” (Sora yori mo Tooi Basho) touched the hearts of viewers with its heartfelt exploration of friendship, self-discovery, and the pursuit of dreams.

This remarkable anime series took us on a transformative journey to Antarctica, where a group of determined girls forged unbreakable bonds and discovered their inner strength.

If you’re yearning for more anime that can capture the spirit of inspiring journeys, deep emotional connections, and personal growth like “A Place Further Than the Universe,” you’re in for a treat.

Best Anime Like A Place Further Than The Universe

From “Hanasaku Iroha”, and “Rocket Girls”, to “K-On”, Here are the 12 best anime-like a place further than the universe (Sora yori mo Tooi Basho).

So, let’s get started.

12. Girls Last Tour

Girls Last Tour

Amidst the ruins of a desolate world, two young girls embark on a perilous journey in search of survival essentials for their beloved Kettenkrad bike.

Despite the loneliness that envelops them, Chito and Yuuri discover joy in the little things they stumble upon, forgotten military rations, a warm bath courtesy of a leaky pipe, and even a lone robotic sentinel guarding a solitary fish.

In a world devoid of humanity, they find meaning in every precious moment and cling to hope for a better tomorrow.

11. O Maidens In Your Savage Season

O Maidens In Your Savage Season

In the literature club, the girls pondered the classic question, “What do you want to do before you did.

“A chain reaction caused by a friend’s unexpected answer sends them into a tailspin”.

As each of these diverse young women navigates the unsteady path to adulthood, they find themselves on emotional journeys as unpredictable as their friend’s unconventional desire.

With their minds fixated on the unexpected, the girls are now propelled toward a future filled with uncertainty, wonder, and the possibility of achieving their wildest dreams.

10. Hanasaku Iroha

Hanasaku Iroha

Ohana Matsumae is a lost soul with no purpose in life until fate intervenes when her mother flees town to evade debts.

Ohana moves in with her estranged grandmother and starts a new life at Kissuiso Inn, a hot spring resort.

But instead of the happy existence she craved, Ohana is forced into a harsh reality of hard work and hostility from her roommates.

As she struggles to fit in, she discovers the value of perseverance and forms unlikely friendships.

9. Made In Abyss

Made In Abyss

For young Riko, the Abyss is more than just a deep hole in the ground, it’s a mysterious and treacherous world filled with wonders and terrors.

Obsessed with exploring its depths and uncovering ancient artifacts, Riko is determined to follow in her mother’s footsteps, who vanished in the Abyss years ago.

One day, Riko discovers a robotic boy who appears to have come from the Abyss.

8. Hanayamata


Naru is a typical high schooler with a passion for fairy tales, yet stuck in ordinary life.

That is until she catches a glimpse of transfer student, Hannah, gracefully dancing in the moonlight.

Mesmerized by the beauty of Yosakoi dancing, Naru is inspired to learn the art herself.

With newfound courage and determination, Naru sets out on a thrilling journey to discover the joy of Yosakoi dancing and maybe even find a bit of magic in her own life.

7. Sound! Euphonium

Sound! Euphonium

Spring brings new beginnings for Kumiko, a former member of the junior high brass band.

When she visits the high school brass band club with her friends Hazuki and Sapphire, she unexpectedly reunites with her former classmate, the talented Reina.

As Hazuki and Sapphire eagerly join the club, Kumiko struggles to decide if she should too.

Memories of her past competition with Reina flood her mind, causing her to question her passion for music.

6. Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden

Violet was once a weapon, trained for combat and used by the military.

Her only source of kindness was Major Gilbert, who taught her to communicate and named her.

After losing both her arms in battle, she is taken in by the Evergarden household to recover.

There, she trains to become an Auto Memories Doll, writing letters for those who struggle to express their emotions.

As Violet travels the world, she helps her clients find love and healing through her words.

Along the way, she learns to understand and navigate her own emotions and finally confronts her past as a weapon of war.

5. Rocket Girls

Rocket Girls

Yukari Morita embarks on a journey to uncover the truth behind her father’s abandonment of her mother on their honeymoon.

In the Solomon Islands, fate intervenes and she gets caught up in the Solomon Space Agency’s plans.

Isao Nasuda, the agency’s director, offers to help her find her father but there’s a catch, she must perform a seemingly simple task.

However, Yukari soon finds herself piloting Japan’s first manned rocket into space!

4. Space Brothers

Space Brothers

When Mutta and Hibito were kids, they saw a UFO and made a promise to become astronauts together.

Now, Hibito is on his way to the moon, and Mutta is jobless.

But Mutta refuses to give up on his dream and joins Japan’s JAXA space program.

He’s determined to beat his younger brother to Mars, but the journey to becoming an astronaut is a rocky one.

Along the way, he meets friends Kenji and Serika, and together they face trials and tribulations in their quest to reach the stars.

3. Love Live! Superstar

Love Live! Superstar

Yuigaoka Girls High School is the newest school in Tokyo, a place where anything is possible.

Five girls, including Kanon Shibuya, are inspired by school idols to pursue their dreams of singing.

With no reputation or history, they must start from scratch to make a name for themselves.

But with hard work, determination, and a little bit of magic, they just might be able to soar to the top.

The future is wide open for these girls, and their story is only just beginning.

2. K-On


On her first day of high school, Yui stumbles upon the Light Music Club, and before she knows it, she’s signed up as their newest member.

But there’s one minor problem, Yui doesn’t know how to play an instrument.

Undeterred, the club’s determined bassist Mio, energetic drummer Ritsu, and talented keyboardist Tsugumi vow to teach Yui how to rock.

As they navigate the trials of school life and the challenges of learning music, they dream of one day performing at the school festival and becoming a famous band.

1. Laid Back Camp

Laid Back Camp

Nadeshiko is on a mission to see the majestic Mount Fuji, but Mother Nature has other plans.

After getting lost and fainting, she wakes up in an unfamiliar place with no way home.

Rin is a solo camper who rescues Nadeshiko and introduces her to the beauty of outdoor life.

As they explore the wilderness and bond over delicious meals, the two girls form an unlikely friendship that will change their lives forever.

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