13 Best Anime Like 7 Seeds (2023)

Looking for anime like 7 Seeds?

7 Seeds immerses viewers in a world where a group of survivors must adapt to their surroundings after waking up on a mysterious island.

If you’ve been enthralled by the gripping storyline and unforgettable characters of 7 Seeds, then get ready to embark on an exciting quest to explore more anime that will leave you craving for more.

Best Anime Like 7 Seeds

From “The Orbital Children”, and “The Day Earth Moved”, to “Japan Sinks 2020”, Here are the 13 best anime like 7 seeds.

So, let’s get started.

13. Seraph Of The End

Seraph Of The End

Set in the aftermath of a devastating epidemic, where darkness reigns and hope teeters on the brink of extinction, vampires emerge from the shadows to enslave the remnants of humanity.

Among them, Yuichiro and his band of friends endure as mere cattle in an eerie subterranean city.

But in Yuichiro’s heart burns an unwavering flame of defiance.

His dreams echo the resounding clash of rebellion.

Now, the time has come to orchestrate a daring escape, to shatter the chains of their vampire oppressors and reclaim their shattered world.

12. Now And Then, Here And There

Now And Then, Here And There

Shu is ripped from his peaceful existence and thrust into a desolate future, drained of life-giving water and saturated with despair.

Here, innocence is shattered as children are molded into instruments of warfare, their hands stained with endless bloodshed under the tyrannical rule of King Hamdo.

By his side stands La La Ru, an enigmatic girl who may possess the elusive key to survival.

11. The Orbital Children

The Orbital Children

Set in 2045, a future where the Internet and AI have seamlessly infiltrated every corner of our lives, even reaching the depths of space.

In the wake of a catastrophic space station disaster, a brave band of children finds themselves stranded amidst the stars.

Armed with narrowband communication, they form an unbreakable bond through social networking.

With the aid of their smartphones and cleverly harnessed low-intelligence AI, they navigate treacherous challenges, overcoming one crisis after another.

10. No. 6

No. 6

Within the utopian confines of No. 6, Sion luxuriates in a life of intellect, privilege, and security.

Yet, fate thrusts him into the path of Nezumi, an enigmatic fugitive, forever altering his existence.

Stripped of his rights and cast into the depths of the lower town, Sion sheds his sheltered facade to live as an ordinary citizen.

Four years later, their destinies intertwine once more, ensnaring them in a perilous web of conspiracy, where every step they take leaves a trail of lifeless bodies.

As the truth of No. 6 unfurls, Sion must unravel the sinister secrets that threaten to consume their world.

9. The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland

Nestled within their isolated orphanage, Emma, Norman, Ray, and their “siblings” revel in a seemingly idyllic existence.

Enveloped by friendships and guided by Mama, their caretaker, life feels charmed until the eve of their twelfth birthday when they are whisked away to foster families.

Yet, the haunting commandment echoes in their hearts never cross the gate that seals them off from the world.

In a chilling twist, they unearth a harrowing truth, shattering their illusions of safety.

8. Made In Abyss

Made In Abyss

Enthralled by her lifelong yearning to conquer the enigmatic Abyss, young Riko’s imagination teems with visions of its wonders and perils.

A bottomless chasm, the Abyss has claimed countless Cave Raiders, yet its ancient relics are their coveted prizes.

Ever since her mother’s disappearance within its depths, leaving behind an insatiable void in her heart, Riko’s determination swells to match the Abyss’s unfathomable depths.

7. The Lost Village

The Lost Village

Enticed by the allure of a hidden sanctuary, thirty daring souls embark on a shadowy odyssey to Nanakimura, a fabled village cloaked in mountainous seclusion.

Seeking solace or salvation, their motivations intertwine.

But as their journey unfolds, their dream haven shatters into a waking nightmare.

Nanakimura stands dilapidated, haunted by forsaken whispers.

The woods, once a sanctuary, now teem with abhorrent entities. Unsettling disappearances echo through the eerie air.

6. The Day Earth Moved

The Day Earth Moved

Amidst the wreckage left by the devastating Great Hanshin earthquake, Tsuyoshi, Kazuyuki, and their classmates stand on the precipice of despair.

Yet, from the ashes of personal tragedy, resilience emerges as a guiding light.

In the face of unimaginable loss, they discover solace within a fractured community, bound by a collective determination to heal and uplift one another.

With sleeves rolled up, they embark on a journey of rebuilding, defying hopelessness and fear.

5. Astra Lost In Space

Astra Lost In Space

With anticipation pulsating through her veins, Aries Spring embarks on the exhilarating journey of Planet Camp’s opening day.

Alongside eight enigmatic companions, she sets course for Planet McPa, their hearts brimming with excitement.

But as their arrival nears, a celestial enigma materializes, an orb of mystery that ensnares their souls and catapults them into the cosmic abyss.

Lost amidst the vast expanse, they encounter a derelict vessel, an eerie sanctuary devoid of life.

4. Japan Sinks 2020

Japan Sinks 2020

The tranquil Japanese archipelago is jolted awake by an onslaught of seismic upheavals, rending the Earth’s surface as a dormant volcano awakens in fiery fury.

But the calamitous tempest has only just begun.

Nature unleashes a cascade of enigmatic disasters, confounding humanity’s fragile equilibrium.

Amidst the chaos, a shocking revelation unfurls, transcending the realm of belief.

The people, gripped by both awe and dread, stand united in the face of an unfathomable consequence.

3. Btooom


Ryouta is a 22-year-old recluse, his life a stagnant pool of unemployment and virtual escapism through the sensational game, Btooom.

As Japan’s reigning champion, he thrives in pixelated battles, utilizing explosive bombs and sonar to vanquish foes.

However, the line between fantasy and horror blurs when Ryouta and countless others are mercilessly marooned on a tropical island, forced to confront the twisted reality of Btooom’s deadly embrace.

In this macabre iteration, survival hinges on ruthlessness, as they plunge into a desperate struggle, relentlessly driven to eliminate seven rivals.

2. Dr. Stone

Dr. Stone

In the wake of a baffling event that petrifies humanity for millennia, an extraordinary intellect rises from the stone.

Senku Ishigami is a prodigious scientist with a burning determination to resurrect civilization from its stony slumber.

With his stalwart friend Taiju Oki by his side, they embark on an epic quest to harness the power of science and reconstruct a world that crumbled to dust.

Unleashing the saga of two million years of scientific evolution, witness their awe-inspiring adventure as they mold history from the Stone Age to the present.

1. Attack On Titan

Attack On Titan

In the bleak aftermath of apocalyptic devouring, humanity cowers beneath the relentless shadow of Titans – inscrutable giants driven by an insatiable hunger for human flesh.

For a century, survival clings to the fortified refuge of a multi-walled city, where recruits are forged into soldiers, battling the enigmatic menace beyond.

Amidst this fragile tranquility, Eren and Mikasa dwell, sheltered from chaos’s touch.

Yet, when a colossal Titan shatters their sanctuary, cascading terror reigns, forever shattering their peace.

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