20 Best Action Manhwa/Webtoons Of All Time

Do you want some action manhwa/webtoons recommendations?

Action genres are some of the best-selling manhwa/webtoons worldwide and readers love scrolling pages with high-octane action scenes.

Wheater you are a complete beginner who was reading the romance genre till now or a hardcore action reader, you should these manhwa/webtoons before you die.

Best Action Manhwa/Webtoons

From “A Returner Magic Should Be Special”, and “Hardcore Leveling Warrior”, to “Leveling With Gods”, Here are the 20 best action manhwa/webtoons.

So, let’s get started.

20. The Max Level Returner

The Max Level Returner
  • Author: Honey
  • Artist: Vertwo

An easy to read action with an interesting premise that is sure to grab your attention from its first chapter.

The world falls into a panic when 120 million players are stuck inside a VR game.

They begin to return to the real world after dying in the game along with monsters.

The masked monarch, the powerful player in the game returns to the real world and assembles his old team to defeat monsters.

19. A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special

A Returner's Magic Should Be Special
  • Author: So Nan Yoo
  • Artist: Ukjakga

Looking for reincarnation action manhwa? then A Returner’s Magic Should Be Special is the right fit for you.

Desir and his team have been battling inside the mysterious shadow for ten years and most of humanity has been wiped out.

However, In his final moments, he’s sent back thirteen years into the past and uses this chance to train his friends to face their cursed fate.

18. Gosu

  • Author: Ryu Woon Ki
  • Artist: Moon Jung Hoo

Who doesn’t love reading cultivation action manhwa? watching the MC train to acquire the skills, won’t get boring anytime soon.

Gong Yong’s master was wrongfully killed and he makes purpose to take revenge against those who wronged his father.

17. Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Hardcore Leveling Warrior
  • Author: Sehoon Kim
  • Artist: Sehoon Kim

An action manhwa/webtoon with more the 100+ chapters that won’t make you feel bored.

Ethan is the number-one player in the game, Lucid Adventure but a mysterious player kills him.

He’s forced to restart the game from level 1 and he’s willing anything to get back to the top.

16. Unordinary

  • Author: Uru Chan
  • Artist: Uru Chan

Love reading fantasy action manhwa? then you should start reading Unordinary right now.

John, an ordinary teenager happens to attend an elite school for students with special abilities.

But he has a secret past that threatens the school’s system and fulling his destiny wont be an easy task.

15. Return Of The Disaster Class Hero

Return Of The Disaster Class Hero
  • Author: Sanjijiksong
  • Artist: Bgam

Return Of The Disaster Class Hero has good art with fantastic fight sequences that are eye soothing.

Unknown creatures known as “calamities” start appearing in the world and god awakened twelve humans known as “saints” to fight against them.

Unexpectedly, the greatest hero of all Geon Lee woke up and is more powerful than ever.

14. Lookism

  • Author: Taejun Park
  • Artist: Taejun Park

Lookism has some of the best realistic fight sequences that action fans will truly love.

Daniel is often bullied in school because of his appearance and suddenly wakes up in a different body.

Now, tall and handsome, he decides to achieve everything that he couldn’t do with his old body.

13. Weak Hero

Weak Hero
  • Author: Seopass
  • Artist: Jin Seok Kim

Reading action manhwa with OP MC never gets boring and Weak Hero’s MC is different from regular OP characters.

Gray arrives in a school ruled by rich and powerful bullies who love to target weak people.

Despite his weak appearance, Gray’s punches leave his enemies on the ground begging for mercy and he threatens to destroy the bullying system in school.

12. Tomb Raider King

Tomb Raider King
  • Author: Yoonz, Sanjijikong
  • Artist: 3b3s

Want to try something different with good storylines? then this manhwa is made for you.

Strange tombs start to appear out of nowhere in the world and each tomb has a relic that grants special abilities to the user.

Jooheon Suh is an ordinary tomb explorer and one day while exploring a tomb, he is betrayed to die at the hands of a monster.

On the brink of his death, he finds himself fifteen years in the past and uses this chance to become the tomb raider king.

11. Mookhyang: The Origin

Mookhyang: The Origin
  • Author: Dong Jo Jeon
  • Artist: Redice Studio

“Redice Studios” has produced some of the best action manhwas/webtoons and after seeing the fights in Mookhyang you will truly understand what I am talking about.

Mookhyang, a young member of the demonic sect goes through years of harsh training and rises through the ranks.

Despite his incredible achievements, he finds himself hungry for more power and spends decades reaching the level of demon master while fighting powerful people along the way.

10. Viral Hit

Viral Hit
  • Author: Taejun Park
  • Artist: Junghyun Park

The standout features of Weak Hero are its action scenes which capture the emotions of fights perfectly.

Hobin Yoo, a weak-looking kid follows the advice from a mysterious youtube channel and starts to knock out guys stronger than him.

He then starts his own channel and becomes an instant hit bringing him stacks of cash.

9. Noblesse

  • Author: Je Ho Son
  • Artist: Gwang Su Lee

Searching for fantasy action manhwa, then you should read Noblesse right now.

Rai, a powerful vampire wakes up after 820 years of deep sleep and restarts his new life.

He joins in as a student in a school founded by his loyal servant but his peaceful days come to an end when a mysterious group targets him.

8. Limit Breaker

Limit Breaker
  • Author: Hongsil
  • Artist: Mino

Limit Breaker’s MC is just built differently and even concept with OP MC, this manhwa goes to great lengths to showcase its action.

The world is shaken up when monsters and dungeons start to appear.

Gibong Kim, an ordinary part-timer is sucked into the awakening dimension for 3000 years.

After ten years, he returns to reality as a maxed-out player and wants to lead a peaceful life but fate has something else planned for him.

7. The Max Level Hero Strikes Back

The Max Level Hero Strikes Back
  • Author: Angmakkori
  • Artist: Yudo

Love reading/ watching god tier fights with op mc? then this manhwa is the one for you.

Prince Davey falls into a coma after being struck by the enemy’s arrow and his soul travels to a place where all heroes gather.

He spends thousand years and becomes too powerful. He returns timeline and wants to eradicate his enemies.

6. The Breaker

The Breaker
  • Author: Geuk Jin Jeon
  • Artist: Jin Hwan Park

The Breaker is the manhwa you shouldn’t miss reading as everything about this webtoon is perfect for any reader.

Shi Woo is constantly bullied by a gang of thugs in his school and wants to commit suicide.

Wanting to fight back against the bullies, he seeks help from Chun Woo, a powerful martial artist but being his student isn’t an easy task.

5. Level Up With The Gods

Level Up With The Gods
  • Author: Ohyeon
  • Artist: B ain

Level Up With The God is one of the best action manhuas with an entertaining plot and stunning art.

Yuwon Kim a high-ranking player faces a bitter loss at the end of the tower and is returned.

He starts his journey from the beginning by killing monsters and leveling up his skills to face the tower head-on.

4. The Boxer

The Boxer
  • Author: Ji Hun Jeong
  • Artist: Ji Jun Jeong

An action genre list is incomplete without a boxing theme, The Boxer has full of interesting storyline and premise that will make you binge its chapters.

Yu has a natural talent for boxing but acts weak and constantly gets bullied in school.

When his friend was getting bullied, he was forced to use his power and knocks out his enemies.

K, a popular boxing coach sees his raw potential and trains him to become a monster in the boxing ring.

3. Tower Of God

Tower Of God
  • Author: Siu
  • Artist: Siu

Want something to hook you for months? then try Tower Of Gods as its complex characters and plot will have debating about it with your friends forever.

Twenty-Fifth Baam an irregular in the tower wants to reach the top in hopes of reuniting with his childhood friend, Rachel.

However, he’s soon faced with fierce competitors and monsters who are looking to crush him every step of the way.

2. The Beginning After The End

The Beginning After The End
  • Author: Turtleme
  • Artist: Fuyuki23

This Isekai action manhwa will surely grab your attention as its engaging storyline will make you crave more chapters.

King Grey has unimaginable power and strength but has no purpose in life.

However, he’s reincarnated into a world filled with magic as a child and begins his life anew.

His peaceful life soon comes to end when he discovers that this world is in grave danger.

1. Solo Leveling

Solo Leveling
  • Author: Chugong
  • Artist: Redice Studio

One of the popular action manhwas of all time, Solo Leveling needs no introduction,

Song Jin Woo is the weakest E-rank hunter without any powers or money.

Things change when his team discovers a hidden dungeon and after returning from the dungeon, he gains a special ability that allows him to level up.

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